【sat essay】飚车背后的平日功夫

  1. 各种手法的破题方式,各种风格的文章
  2. (对应各手法的破题方式)积累特殊表达
  3. 熟悉“化思维为文字”的过程 <–tutor可以做的事情:可遵循的思维步骤(思维的template)




一个完整的分析过程—— (中级。对比下文的“初级”)

  1. The account/story/statistic appeals to logos/pathos/ethos/
  2. what element/aspect of the account appeals to ethos?
  3. 用一句话解释appeal to ethos

sample 1

The account boosts the author’s ethos, in that it demonstrates her exclusive knowledge of the issue —she knows Gina as a lively person, rather than merely “smart and kind” child, as portrayed by the media. This special knowledge elicits anticipation for fresh insights into the issue, making her voices worth listening to.

sample 2

The narration establishes Yared’s ethos because her detailed yet succinct account shows her competence as a keen observer. This sophistication from a 15-year-old wins the reader’s respect and earns his trust in her judgment.

sample 3

This family history appeals to values because it reminds the reader of America’s reputation as a heaven for asylum seekers. It prompts the reader to protest against handgun right in order to restore America’s fame for peace and safety.

sample 4

This suggestion appeals to pathos because it elicits fear of losing one’s families and friends. It prompts the reader to support the anti-handgun campaign in order to ensure the safety of his loved ones.



RhetorsToolbox Appeals

Essential Tools for Teaching Rhetoric: The Appeals


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